Specialised or previous Topshare downloads

V3 Command line utility
The Topshare Command-line Utility is for advanced users wanting a command-line access to the Topshare database

Topshare V2
This is the final release of Topshare V2. Only use this if your license is V2 and for some reason you don’t want to purchase the upgrade to V3.

Topshare V2 Importer
TopShare Importer is a utility program specifically designed to import portfolio information into TopShare V2.

Use this if you already have portfolio data stored in one of the compatible portfolio-management programs. It will help by transferring your portfolio data to TopShare without the need to re-key all your transactions.

The current version of Topshare Importer can import from the following portfolio management programs:

Portfolio Reporter (© My Computer Company Pty Ltd)
StockEasy (© QuackSoft Pty Ltd)
Note: if you need to import portfolio data to Topshare V3, contact User Support.

V2 Importer instructions
Instructions for the V2 Importer program

Topshare V1
This is the final release of Topshare V1.