Topshare Portfolio Manager is an Australian portfolio management program for personal computers. Topshare has been the first choice for Australian share investors and traders since 2002. It is owned locally and has been designed specifically for Australian investors in shares and managed funds. Topshare now also supports crypto currencies. Topshare is used daily by over 1,000 private investors, self-funded retirees, and SMSF administrators.

Topshare is compatible with all desktop and laptop versions of Windows, from Win98 to Windows 10. The software is updated regularly. The current version is Topshare V3, first released in December 2016. Topshare can be used on Apple computers by installing Windows using VirtualBox or Parallels.

Topshare gives you control over your investments by helping you understand how your portfolio is performing, and ensuring your investment decisions are tax-effective.

Topshare’s powerful reporting makes tax time a breeze, and the time savings for your accountant will probably mean it pays for itself within a year!

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You can evaluate Topshare for free, on your own computer, for a full 60 days (click here to download). And when you decide to buy Topshare, you’ll find that, costing only $299, Topshare is the best value around!

For a quick introduction to Topshare, check out some of our Help Videos:
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