About Topshare

Hi, I’m Chris Jackson. Back in the early 2000s, I became frustrated with the difficulties involved in managing a share portfolio using spreadsheets. Being a computer programmer with a good knowledge of databases, I decided I must be able to design a better way – and so Topshare was born.

Over a few years I first used the software myself, then made it available to others. Finally, with their encouragement, I decided to turn it into a business, with Topshare V1.0. And things just developed from there.

Now, Topshare has become the first choice for Australian share investors, and we have been active for longer than any of our competitors – we’ve seen them come and go. We continue to be successful because our business is based firmly on the twin tenets of giving investors what they need, and providing timely and effective assistance when required. Many of our customers have become good friends.