Using Topshare V3

How do I reset the Topshare password?
What’s the difference between the Yahoo price data and the Topshare subscription?
How do I start the Topshare Administration Manager?
I’m getting a program error from the main form, home screen, when trying to display parcel details
I’m trying to enter a dividend, but the company is not visible in the drop-down list

How do I reset the Topshare password?

The Topshare password (set or change this via the Settings menu) is intended only as low-level security, to discourage casual use by an unauthorised user.

If you forget your password, there are two ways you can clear it:

First, the easy way: uninstall and reinstall Topshare. You will need to re-enter your license key, and all settings such as column sorts, form shape and position will be lost. Your data should be safe, but of course we recommend backing up to be sure.

The second way involves editing the Registry. Note: be very careful. Mistakes in editing the registry could cause your entire Windows installation to become unusable, or could damage the Install of other programs. Don’t do this if you’re inexperienced.

  • Run Regedit. The method for finding this function depends on your version of Windows. If uncertain, use google, eg “regedit Win10” or “regedit WinXP”
  • Successively expand the HKEY_CURRENT_USER section until you can see the entries in
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Merenito\Topshare Portfolio Manager\Database
  • Select the entry “Password”, and hit the Delete key. Acknowledge the warning.
  • Close Regedit.

What’s the difference between the Yahoo price data and the Topshare subscription?

The Yahoo Data service is sourced from Yahoo (, and provides 20-minute delayed prices. Historical data are not available. Not all stocks are covered – in particular, warrants, options, and most securities that have 4,5 or 6-character codes don’t seem to be available. You can retrieve prices at any time of the day or night, without limit on frequency. If you download after the market closes, you should get close to the day’s EOD prices. However, even well after 4pm EST, Yahoo-sourced data isn’t necesessarily exactly the same as the “official” ASX EOD prices (which aren’t even released until around 7pm EST), because of possible post-close transactions. Some late transactions don’t ever seem to be reflected in the Yahoo data. The Yahoo service is accessed by clicking “Download stock prices (Yahoo)” on the main form.

Because this data feed is sourced from Yahoo, we have no control over its availability – there have been occasional interruptions or errors in the past. There is a limit on the number of ASX codes that can be retrieved.

The Subscription Data Service must be purchased annually from us, after your first 12 months. We supply the official EOD data from our server, under license from the ASX. Each day’s EOD data are available from around 7:30pm EST. Normal operation, to maintain your local EOD prices database for stocks in your portfolio (plus watchlist), is completely automatic – Topshare retrieves the data as soon as they become available. On startup, any outstanding historical data are downloaded immediately, so that Topshare will automatically “catch up” if it hasn’t been run for a few weeks or months. Manual operation (through the Subscription tab on the Prices navigation page) has the following options:

  • Retrieve prices for the whole portfolio on a particular date (eg, you need to know the portfolio valuation on 30/6/04).
  • Retrieve a historical data series for a particular stock. Over 10 years of historical data are available. Most stock codes are included, in particular those missing from the Yahoo feed. Some stock indexes are also available.
  • Find and fill-in gaps in the prices in your local database. For example, if prices are missing for BHP between January and March 2009, and you held the stock during that period, the Infill option will retrieve the missing prices.

In summary:

  • Both data sources are valuable. Typically you will use the Yahoo system for an instant update of your portfolio value and price movements during the day, while you can rely on the subscription service to automatically keep your local database up-to-date by covering the intervals when you don’t run Topshare or use the Yahoo service.
  • Any Yahoo-based prices are overwritten by the next Official EOD download from the subscription service.
  • Yahoo don’t supply prices for some ASX codes and indexes that are included in the Subscription service.
  • Yahoo limits the number of prices supplied – there’s no limit for the Subscription service.
  • The Yahoo service is free. The Subscription service is only available when you have a current subscription.

How do I start the Topshare Administration Manager?

The Administration Manager can be started either directly from the Windows Start Menu, or from within the normal Topshare V3 application.

From Windows

For Win10: Type “Topshare” in the Search bar near the bottom left of your screen, and click on “Topshare V3 Administrator”. Or: click on the Windows icon, at the bottom left of your screen, and scroll down the alphabetic list of applications till you find Topshare Portfolio Manager V3; open this section, and click Topshare V3 Administrator.

For previous versions of Windows: click on “All Programs”, then “Topshare Portfolio Manager V3”, then “Topshare V3 Administrator”.

From within the Topshare V3 Application:

Run File|Administration Manager

I’m getting a program error from the main form, home screen, when trying to display parcel details

There is an easy fix for this problem: run a Holdings Report, with the Separate Parcels option selected.
That’s it… next time you run the Show Parcels option, it will work OK.

I’m trying to enter a dividend, but the company is not visible in the drop-down list

Topshare populates that drop-down based on the Record Date that you enter, plus preceding transactions in the stock. If you don’t see the company, it’s most likely due to an error in your Record Date, or in the dates of previously-entered Buy/Sell transactions.

However, every now and then TS gets it wrong. If you’re sure that there are no errors, you can enter a div for any stock:

  • On the first page of the Div form, select the “Enter full payments” option
  • On Page 2, tick “Show extended options”
  • Tick Include all Stocks, then select the stock in question
  • Select the Owner, then click Add Owner
  • Fill in the dividend amount details.