Latest news

14 March, 2017 – new website!

We’ve launched our new website – the old one was pretty much unchanged for at least 10 years. The site now has a new, fresh look and should display equally well on all devices including phones, tablets and traditional computers.

16 Dec, 2016 – Topshare Version 3 released!

We are very excited to announce the release of Topshare V3. This is a major new release, and has been in development for more than 12 months. It boasts a brand new user interface, better performance, and lots of new features.

We encourage users of V2 to upgrade as soon as possible – please click here to purchase your upgrade.

For a quick introduction to V3, see these videos:
01 Overview
02 Home Screen

V3 includes:

  • New, intuitive, easy-to-understand interface
  • Faster startup, more responsive main screen
  • Full compatability with Win10
  • Adjustable fonts (including font size) and colours throughout

And the major new features include:

  • One license only: includes all features in the V2 “Pro” and “Std” versions
  • New Classifications for purchases and companies (GICS, User categories, Strategies, Registries)
  • HIN/SRN tracking
  • Easy drag-and-drop import of Broker Contract Notes (from PDF) or Broker Transaction Reports (from CSV)
  • More flexible treatment of CGT (can now accurately set up for SMSF or company tax rules)
  • Much easier input of Merge/Demerge details
  • Free-form notes – you can create a Notes file, just like a word processor, for everything that you’d like to record for each share held
  • Easy transfer to a new computer